Beechview's 2017 Newsletter


This newsletter is sent to every property owner to inform you of things that are happening in our community throughout the calendar year.  It also serves as a notification to you that Access Fees for 2017 are due now.


2017 Access Fees

The Access Fee is $235 which is DUE for the property you own in the Beechview Recreational Development, Clifton TN.  The Access fees are due Jan. 1, 2017 through Feb. 1, 2017.  Access fees must be paid for each and every lot.  You owe at least one Access fee even if your property is not being used or occupied.  Property owners are required to pay an access fee for EVERY lot they own.  If the lot is not being used, the access fees will be $100 for each lot after they pay for the initial $235 access fee for the first lot.  An occupied lot is defined as a lot that has a house (being used or not), Travel Trailer, Pop Up, or RV on the lot for more than 2 weeks, you must pay an additional access fee for each one.  We will periodically check to see if there are more campers on the lots then what was paid for, so please pay up front so no further actions has to take place.


All payments received after Feb. 1, 2017 will be assessed a $100 LATE FEE.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS for late fees on access fee payments received after Feb. 1, 2017.  If we do not receive payment or we receive payment but do not receive the late fee paid after Feb. 1, 2017, we will forward the names to our attorney for further legal action which could result in liens and other actions on your property.  You will be required to pay ALL legal fees.  If for some reason you believe that you do not owe an access fee (sold the property or other reasons) please contact us in writing stating your claim and we will investigate it.


Please pay by mail to the following address, or drop in the mailbox, and make checks payable to B.P.O.A.  Please put your lot number on the payments; it is very helpful.  If you move your residents or sell, please notify B.P.O.A. so we can keep our mailing list up to date.



198 Beechview Drive

Clifton, TN  38425


B.P.O.A. Meetings

As per our By-Laws, the Board of directors has scheduled a B.P.O.A. meeting for Saturday April 1, 2017.  This meeting will be held at 10:00AM, location to be determined.  The Board of directors will meet at 9:00 AM prior to the B.P.O.A. Board of directors (as per our By-Laws).  There are 6 Board of Directors positions.  There will be a short meeting for the newly elected Board right after the standard B.P.O.A. meeting to elect the 2017 Officers which consis of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.


We need EVERYONE in our comnmunity to get involved so we can continue to make positive changes that can impact each and every one of us.  If there is one meeting that you can attend, please plan on attending this one.  It has the most information and sets the direction for the Board for the upcoming year.


The B.P.O.A. meetings for the remainder of the year are on the following dates:

Saturday June 3, 2017 at 10:00 AM

Saturday August 5, 2017 at 10:00 AM

Saturday October 7, 2017 at 10:00

Beechview Website

Please check the Beechview website or the Facebook page periodically for community updates throughout the year.  We will provid the time, date, and place on those sites for when the B.P.O.A. determines the Fireworks of the Fourth of July and the Chili Fest in October will be conducted.

The Bath House

The bath house will be opened this season from May 21, 2017 through September 10, 2017 (unless communicated differently at one of the B.P.O.A. meetings).  We ask that property owners who sees anyone vandalizing the bath house or any property to contact a member of the Board as soon as possible.

Bath House:

– Clean the Bath House once a week and other times directed by the President

– Clean toilets, showers, and sinks

– Sweep and pick up any trash inside the Bath House

Grass Cutting

– Mow the grass at least every other week and other times as directed by the President

– Mow the right of ways on Beechview Dr. Pickett Ln, and River Rd

– Mow the entrance around the front sign the area around the Bath House

– Trim around all the street signs

Boat Docks

Our dock is to be used by Property Owners and their guests to launch their boats.  If you have a need to park your boat at the ramp it should not be left tied up for more than 15 minutes and it should NOT restrict other boaters from using the ramp.  The dock is NOT to be used for swimming, fishing, or any other purpose.


Projects Completed

The Board elected to carry over the money from 2015 to 2016 for road improvements (on asphalt we covered as much as money allowed) and $12,265 dues paid in 2016 for 2017 to be applied to the roads. It will take about $48,000 more to tie both ends together.  The parts of the road that have not been asphalted are the roughest parts of the road.


If any land owner wishes to pay in advance for 2018 and apply to the roads, it will be marked for the roads only.


We put rock on the side of W.C. Pickett going down the hill to keep it from washing away the road. We also graveled some of the loop and graded it. We cut some ditches out to help with the washing problems.  Also, we installed speed bumps to help with speeders, we can buy more if needed.



Thank you for your continued support,

Robert Jones

B.P.O.A. President

January 2017